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NEW Version 2.1 available...added finale sequences, clearer picture, audio details attended to...CLICK HERE for screencaps.


'The Mist-The Novella Cut' is a fan edit of the Frank Darabont/Stephen King film 'The Mist' which was released to theaters in 2007. 

It is in no way meant to disparage the wonderful work created by Mr. Darabont and his brilliant team of filmmakers, it is simply a version of the film meant to more closely adhere to the original text from the Stephen King novella upon which the movie was based. As the original story is my all time favorite King tale, I wanted a version that reflected the source material as closely as possible, especially the original, ambiguous I created this fan edit for fun.

Certain scenes have been cut, others added from the DELETED SCENES found on the DVD release, as they mirrored actual sequences from the source material. Chapter 'headings' have been added in areas to reflect the feel of a novella, and the ending now pays homage to the 'Hartford/hope' finale originally seen in King's original text.


You can obtain a copy of this fan edit  on a data DVD in MP4 format by dropping me a line at karcreat@gmail.comYou must own a copy of the theatrical film in order to own this fan edit.  Sale of the fan edit is unlawful. If you have purchased a copy, please get in touch with me and let me know.


Many Thanks...

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